Code of Ethics

Organisations who are members of the DLQSC must maintain and adhere to the following code of ethics:

A. Offer each DL student the opportunity to achieve their desired qualification without prejudice towards learning styles, learning difference or learning challenges and will work with students to achieve their full potential.

B. Maintain the integrity of the distance learning qualification and the DLQSC by ensuring that high standards are maintained in supporting students who chose to distance learn.

C. Represent your own organisation and the qualifications you deliver and also (to the best of your knowledge) the skills, qualifications and experience of any third party organisations that you collaborate with.

D. Ensure that those who chose to distance learn have their skills tested or evaluated prior to the granting of any certification and that such certificates are only awarded upon successfully achieving the minimum required standard.

E. Act as ambassadors for the DLQSC to promote it and the other organisations we represent

F. Respect other member organisations of the DLQSC and refrain from soliciting their students. However we do encourage our members to work together where mutual interest between your courses would be of interest to your students.

G. To act swiftly and within the specified time frame to any request from the DLQSC to update the records we hold for you or to assist in any possible investigation of complaint.

H. To keep your DL course up to date and to inform the DLQSC of any changes to course materials by provided updated copies.

I. Encourage your students to maintain their new skills by receiving ongoing CPD and mentoring. (Please see Our Partners for details of our recommended CPD approval organisation.)

J. To only deliver DL courses that your organisation is qualified to offer training in and is insured to do so.

K. Disclose full details of all relevant memberships, training, experience, qualifications and appropriate avenues of complaint to students upon request and only use qualifications and memberships to which your organisation legitimately has proof of entitlement.

L. Explain fully to students in advance of any payment or contract agreement: the fee levels for your courses, precise terms of payment and any charges which might be imposed for non-completion or late submission of work. If for any reason, the organisation wishes to modify the DL course (e.g. to extend the time allowed before work is submitted) then any effect this has on terms, conditions and pricing must be clearly explained to the student.

M. Present all services and products in an unambiguous manner (to include any limitations and realistic outcomes of the course or subsequent qualification) and ensure that the student retains complete control over the decision to purchase such services or products.  N.B. Guarantees of either a successful money making business upon completion of the DL course shall not be offered.

N. Ensure that students notes and records are kept  secure and confidential and that  the use of both manual and computer records are maintained as suggested in the terms of the Data Protection Act.

The DLQSC will deal with any infringement of our code of ethics using our disciplinary procedure.